The PACE Programme was formed in 1969 by Andrea Archer (Health Visitor ( Medico-Social Counsellor) at the time) and others because at the time young girls who were pregnant were asked to leave school with no opportunity to return.
The PACE Programme has existed under various names since 1969 and has assisted at least three thousand teenage mothers, their children and families since then. This programme that is currently housed in the Sunday School room of Central Gospel, Dowdeswell street. The church has assisted for the past 23 years. PACE provides the only means by which a teenage mother can re-enter high school and complete her education. This intervention program provides basic education, teaches girls how to care for themselves and their babies, imparts knowledge of birth control, informs them about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and provides much needed psychological support

The PACE Foundation was formed by the Zonta Club of Nassau, that also formed the AIDS Foundation. In 2003 the Foundation was formed to increase the circle influence of the P.A.C.E. Program; a program designed to provide education and support to teen mothers by promoting  awareness and policies that reduce both teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy among young adults

The PACE Foundation is a not for profit organization and was incorporated on May 29th, 2004.