Teen Pregnancy Advice


Get Support

If you recently found out that your daughter is pregnant, you might be experiencing emotions ranging from hopelessness to anger to sadness. You'll need support through this time period, so reach out to family members orconsider going to a counselor. Also, your daughter will need support. A good option is to encourage your daughter to go to counseling to discuss her emotions, choices and future, and attend counseling together. Look into local support groups for pregnant teens, so your daughter can get support from other young women going through the same thing.

Discuss Options

You have three main options to consider, according to the Mayo Clinic. Your teen could keep the baby, or talk to their medical doctor about other options. It's important to have a dialogue around the options, talk about the pros and cons and consider the best option for your daughter and family. Listen to what your daughter feels is the best option, and try to support her even if you don't believe it's the right choice. You should definitely give her guidance, but she may not take the path that you think she should. Consider including the baby's father in these discussions.

Discuss Lifestyle Changes

Your teen might not know what lifestyle changes she needs to make to have a healthy baby. Teens Health reports that you should talk to her about some of the things she'll need to do such as quitting smoking, drinking and using drugs if applicable; avoiding caffeine; getting plenty of sleep; eating healthfully; and avoiding unsafe sex from which she could contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Prenatal Classes

Depending on your daughter's choice, you should consider enrolling her in prenatal classes or at the PACE (Providing Access to Continuing Education) School. In these classes, she'll learn what to expect during delivery and practical skills such as changing a baby's diaper and feeding a baby.

Prepare for the Baby

You'll have to make a lot of decisions as a family if your teen intends on keeping the baby. For example, you'll have to decide if your teen will attend the PACE School to enable her to return to high school and/or go to college as well as who'll watch the baby during these times and what role each family member will play in the baby's life.
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Adolescent Health Centre

This Centre is the only clinic allowed by the government to give out birth control to minors between the ages of 10-19.  As stated, a parent or guardian must accompany the minor with the documents that are listed. Address - School Lane and Dowdeswell Street.

The Adolescent health Centre is a community based healthcare facility serving adolescent residents. The Centre is in the Ministry of Health, under the Department of Public Health.


Program Purpose:

To provide holistic health care to all adolescents age 10 – 19 years regardless to gender, race, mental or religious status or sexual orientation.


  1. To provide holistic, accurate and confidential health care.
  2. To reduce the impact of negative and destructive behaviour.
  3. To provide relevant, timely, age appropriate and culturally sensitive health education.
  4. To advocate for adolescent health issues to be incorporated in the national agenda.


  • Clinic Based: Medical, Obstetric (Antenatal, Postnatal, Reproductive Health Services, Pediatric, Nutritional, Nursing and Laboratory Services. Parenting program at Providing Access to Continuing Education (P.A.C.E.).
  • Mental Health Therapy: Psychosocial Support, Individual, Group and Family Support that focuses on protective factors (resiliency).
  • School Based: Health Education, Health Promotion, and Training Sessions, assistance with special school events and health and family life. Peer Mentoring Program.
  • Adolescent Health Desk: Youth group associated with the Centre that meets weekly at the Centre to discuss youth and health Issues as well as offer support to each other.
  • Community Based: Partner with community to promote healthy adolescent and family relationships.
  • Church Based: Spiritual development, strengthening support services for adolescents in the church. Formulation of platforms for health messages and expanded support, strengthened partnerships.
  • Outreach: Services are taken to under serve areas.
  • Media: Forum that raises awareness of adolescent issues.


Access to services is by informed consent by parent or legal guardian. For Registration purposes, Government issued photo I.D., birth certificate and supporting documents of nationality are required.

Operational Hours: Monday –Friday 8am -4pm

Telephone Numbers: 328-3248, 328-3249