Character Day Essentials

At the P.A.C.E Foundation, part of our mission is to empower teenagers to make good decisions.  We know that character education plays a significant role in helping people of all ages in their decision making this is why we are excited to bring the global Character Day movement to the Bahamas!

What is Character Day?

Most of us are familiar with the attributes of good character.  They include values like doing your best and never giving up or grit, and finding the bright side of every situation or optimism.  While many of these traits are considered traditional elements of Bahamian culture, they are traits that are heralded the world over.  Scientists are now documenting the importance of character building in all aspects of our lives and artists are creating fun ways to share these lessons. Put it all together and you have Character Day!

How can I participate in Character Day?

It’s easy.  Simply contact our Lead Champion Sonia Brown (+1(242) 357-4724) to determine how you can enroll your school, workplace, church, charity and or family to participate in our Character Day workshops. All you have to do is sign up and be willing to celebrate Character Day (September 22) in your organization. At the workshops we will provide you with everything you need including information, tips and materials to turn you into a Character Day Champion! 

Join in the fun by telling us what good character means to you?!



Character Day Fact Sheet

PACE Foundation, Bahamas AIDS Foundation, Lyford Cay Foundation’s FOCUS, Sandals Foundation, The FTBL Charitable Foundation and Commonwealth Bank have partnered to bring Character Day - a project by Emmy-nominated studio Let It Ripple - to The Bahamas in 2016. We invite schools, business, churches, civic groups, non-profit organizations, and individuals to participate in the first annual Character Day Bahamas - part of a global event devoted to developing who we are and who we want to be in the world - on September 22, 2016


Why Character Day? 

Character - distinguishing mental and moral qualities built into a person’s life -  is the most valuable thing we have, essential for individual success and the functioning of society.

It is important for us to ask ourselves who we are and who we want to be in this ever-changing  world. Character education is instrumental in the learning process and helps in decision making processes. Character Day films and activities will lead to discussion on the 6 categories of 24 character traits in the Periodic Table of Character Strengths.

Character Day is intrinsically linked to the five key competencies of social and emotional learning - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Studies have shown intentional development of character and focus on social and emotional learning leads to improvement in academic performance, sense of self, behavior, and relationships.

What do people do on Character Day? 

Character Day can be customized to suit your needs. Many organizations view newly released films, have small group discussions, and participate in activities from the free Character Day kit. Your event can look and feel any way you like and occur at any time on September 22nd.

How will you help our facilitators to prepare for Character Day?

Our workshops are designed to train the trainers on character education. Participants will hear from Bahamian speakers with expertise in one or more areas of character development and education, view and discuss The Science of Character, virtually engage with Character Day Producer Makenzie Darling, and participate in cafe style conversation sessions.

How can I learn more? 

  • Schedule a workshop or host a member of our organizing team at an upcoming meeting
  • Explore the website at and look out for the launch of the Character Day Bahamas webpage on the PACE Foundation website.


Resources for Character Day Champions

Bahamian examples of character

You can use these  articles to discuss examples of character strengths in Bahamian athletes.

Shaunae Miller is an Olympic Hero

The Anatomy of a Dive Across the Finish Line

Tips for expanding on Character Strengths

Digital Character - This article provides examples of how to display good character online.

Debates about character - This article can be used to discuss discretions in character.

For More resources, click on the button below. There you will get the blue print needed for a successful 'Character Day'.