The PACE Foundation is committed to providing teen mothers with a holistic, quality education that develops their numeracy, literacy, technological, social, and parenting skills. It is our desire that all teen mothers are able to obtain the highest stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (which is self actualization), Hence, we diligently seek to provide psychological and emotional support, economically empower teen mothers, promote social skills, engage in character building initiatives, and ensure that students achieve grade level competency requirements.

PACE Programme academic curriculum is comprised of nine subjects, namely: Mathematics, English Language, Civics, Religious Knowledge, Computer Studies, Home Economics, Family Life, Health Education, and Craft. The lessons taught are aligned with the learning trajectory of The Bahamas’ National Curriculum for secondary schools.

Skills Training

To promote entrepreneurial ventures, teen mothers are taught various technical skills that can potentially generate revenue to assist themselves and their newborns.   For example, the students are taught the art of jewelry making, crocheting, hair braiding and food preparation.   Furthermore, during the summer months, some of the teen mothers are afforded job placement opportunities within private and corporate business to gain training for entry-level positions.

Additionally, to develop social skills and to cultivate community awareness, civic organizations regularly visit the PACE Programme and facilitate professional development initiatives. We often partnership with various civic organizations, such as the ZONTA club, to organize seminars that focuses on skills needed to operate and sustain businesses.

School Placement

After teen mothers have completed the PACE Programme, most are re-enrolled into public schools.   It is customary for students to be a placed in schools that are different from the ones in which they were enrolled before becoming pregnant.   Nevertheless, teen mothers who return to the normal school environment, are encouraged to attend monthly follow up meetings at the PACE Programme, such that they can reflect on challenges faced and obtain support, if needed.

Health and Safety Training & Education

Teen mothers are provided health education classes that focus on pre and post natal care, family planning options, women’s health issues, and diet and nutrition.   Additionally, they are exposed to safety training that can potentially save lives, and protect their environment.

Child Care

To assist teen mothers who are faced with economic hardships, the PACE Foundation incurred the cost of daycare. This venture increased the number of teen mothers who attended the PACE Programme on a regular basis. Therefore, the PACE Foundation diligently seeks to partnership with local nurseries and preschools to offer free or reduced rates for childcare for teen mothers.


The PACE Foundation host an annual, nationally forum, initiative entitled “Talk to me”, which seeks to educate parents about effective means to communicate with their children about social, developmental and psychological issues. Additionally, the PACE Foundation facilitate motivational seminars for teen mothers, throughout the academic year.